I help you see yourself the way God sees you.
Mother of two amazing children and a wife to one studly man of God. Helping you see yourself the way God sees you. Inspiring you to dream again with God as I dare to do the same.

What They're Saying

"My friend Krissy Nelson has done it again! With the courage of vulnerability and her finely tuned ear to the voice of the Holy Spirit, she guides you step-by-step from anxiety to peace, insecurity to confidence, timidity to bravery. This is your must-have manual for breakthrough!"
Kyle Winkler
Author of Silence Satan and creator of the Shut Up Devil! app,
"In this strategic guidebook, Krissy Nelson equips you to walk in your identity and destiny like David did: trained for battle, courageous and full of faith. Krissy overcame fear to be a voice. There are God promises for your life, too. The world needs you, Beloved—it is time to shine!"
Heidi G. Baker
Ph.D., co-founder and executive chairman of the board, Iris Global
"Wow! What a wonderfully written book! Slaying the Giant of Fear is full of insights that will empower you to remove the giants that intimidate you. Crafted to create a God-confidence in your life, this book will deliver! Read it from cover to cover and hear the heart of a woman who has overcome fear."
Brian Simmons
The Passion Translation Project
"Slaying the Giant of Fear is a battle cry for the Body of Christ! Giants will be slain, mountains will be moved and breakthrough will come to the readers of this powerful book! It is time to be empowered by the authority you have been given through Jesus. Your strategy to overcome is here!"
Sula Skiles
Pastor, author and sex trafficking abolitionist,

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How can I be praying with you today?

Do you need someone to pray with you? Some times it just feels nice to connect with someone who genuinely cares and know they are listening. If you need prayer, please don’t hesitate to contact me. If you’re just one of those people who like to connect with other believers, please—contact me! I’d love to connect! Look forward to hearing from you and praying with you! In Christ, Krissy